Baby Photos

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4D pictures - Thanks Carolyn for your pictures this is the one I love. Sucking their thumb! It's so amazing. This little person is 28 weeks in the making.
Abagail - Sweet little Abagail - Weight: 4.22kg (9lb 3oz) Length: 52cm. Born on the 24th August 2009. Beautiful isn't she! Well done Shell your are a super mum no!
Anna - Born May 14 2010, Weight 3380g, She is our little princess. Big Smiles from Bethany
Baby James - James Alexander was induced on the night of the 12th of December. James is now 7 weeks old and giving us 5 hours sleep at night and smiling at us during the day!  Bridget & Andrew
Baby Lachlan - Baby Lachlan. He was born on the 2nd of August at 7:45pm at the Canberra Hospital. Weighing in at 3.655kilos & 48cm long. I am told he is 3 weeks old in this picture. How cleaver is his mum!
Baby Sam -  Beautiful little boy born on Sunday morning 29th Jan. His name is Sam and he is wonderful.<br>Kylie Adams
Baylan - My Nephew arrived safe and sound on his due date 28th July! Weighing in at 7.11. He is having a little massage and is so cute!! Of course he is my nephew! Well done Cole!
Caitlin & Thomas - Twins<br>Caitlin and Thomas they were born on 9th January. Caitlin has the darker hair and was 2.7kg 48cm and Thomas has the blonde fuzz he was 3.2kg and 47cm.<br>Congrats Cal, Louise, Amy and David x o x
Connor - Little Connor, born August 6th 09 weight 4.20kg Height 54cm<br>This is such a cute pic of Connor. He looks so content! His mum must be so proud!
Cooper - My Little Mate Cooper. A little brother for Brenna and Riley. Good Work Kalista! Love ya.
Elijah Shane Perris - Snug as a bug little Elijah. Date of birth: 14 April 2006. Weight: 3360g. Length: 49cm. HC: 34.5
Elise Jane gray - Born on Friday 3rd of Feb at 12.53pm<br>7lbs 81/2oz[3.4 kgs] 50.8 cms<br>I have already asked Vicki to come back to work but she in enjoying her little girl.<br>Vicki & Craig
Ella - Ella was so cute we had to put her on again. This time she is 8 weeks old and look how strong she is and her smile. Enjoy your babies as the grow up fast!
Ella - Her name is Ella Rose and she was born by emergency caesar on April 29, 2007. She weighed 7pd 11oz (3.5kg), and was 51cm long. She is my first baby and Rick and I are so in love with her!<br>Thanks again<br>Veronica
Eva and Natasha - We love twins, they are extra special! Natasha and Eva were born on the 1st of June 09. Natasha was 2.4kg and Eva was 2.2kg. What a clever mum! Boy, does dad have his hands full!
Felicity - Felicity, DOB 5th Aug. Weight at birth is 3.34kg, length at birth is 48.5cm. She is a happy little girl with an amazing smile! That's what it's all about!
Flynn - Flynn was 3810 grams or 8 pound 6 ozs, 52.5cm long, and 36cm Head Circumference Born 4.54am after 48 hours of spurious labour and nearly 6 hours of active labour. Born 15th August 2007.
Hamish - Born 5th Feb 2010, 3330g, 51cm
Henry - Little Henry! Came a little early and surprised us all. He is so cute and you are doing a fantastic job, Lucy. Take care!
Jake - Finally a picture of Jake! Sheri's little boy. He took his time getting here but he arrived on September 11,2006 weighing in at 4.25kgs. Little Man!!
James - Little James
Kristys amazing baby life is so exciting! Soon this little life will arrive in a world of love.
Lacey -  Born 7th April at 1.14pm weighing 3.3kg's (7pound 4.5ounces) and is 50cm long. After a very cosy 9 months in mummy's tummy Lacey wasn't interested in turning and insisted on staying breech so was delivered by C Section. Mum, Dad and Lacey are all well and very very happy!!
Lachlan - He is such a content little man!! Lachlan was born on the 3rd June 2008. 3.82kg, 48.5cm.
Lachlan - This is little Lachlan 5 weeks old after a nice bath. Looks like he enjoyed it no tears what a good boy!<br>Born 3rd June 2008. 3.82kg, 48.5cm.
Little Angel - Nicole Born on 24th Sep 08. 3016g (6lb 10oz) Height: 49.5cm So sweet can look at her all day!
Lucy - Little Angel Lucy!
Max - I gave birth to a little baby boy on the 22nd of October '07 his name is Max Jordan weighing 7 pound 4 ounces and 49cm long! After 18 hours of labour I was rushed into have an emergency caesarean because he was the wrong way around. Amanda
Mia - Mia Catherine was born on the 5 May 2008 (surprised us by coming a week early!) She is adorable! Mummy and daddy very proud!
Molly Trezise - Molly Belle Jennifer Trezise, born 21st May Weight 3.5kg and Height 49.5cm
Naomi - This is a gorgeous picture of Naomi at 2 weeks old. She was 3.46kg about 7lb 11oz and she was 50 cm long with a HC of 37cm.
Noah - Noah Monday 10th August 4.06am weighing in at 8lb 10.5oz (3925g)and 51cm long. He is 12 hours old in this picture!<br> Well done Kristy! He is adorable!
Our lovely Fiona had a special little girl on the 16th of April. Busy mother of Five! Well done we miss you!
Precious Jonathan. He was born on 20 March (his Dad's birthday), weighed 3.255 kilos and was 49 centimetres long. Deb
Ryan - Lucky I'm pretty organized as Ryan decided to come on October 29th - at 36 weeks and 5 days! I had a rough labour but we are both doing well. Carolyn
Ryan Jesse Warland - Baby Ryan and his big brother Aiden. Ryan Jesse Warland born 3rd December 2005 at 1:58am within 2.5hrs from start to finish.<br>6lb 14oz, 50cm long.<br>A special hello to your cleaver mother Amy!!<br>Kiss kiss
Ryder James - Little baby Ryder styling a stunning light blue beanie and a special little top. His mum and dad would be proud. Hi Tan and Rod!! Miss you guys!

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